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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time Passes Quickly!

Hard to believe that three weeks have passed since I last posted!  We have been so busy around here!  On the 21st of August, we celebrated this young fellow's birthday.  (I am NOT allowed to say which birthday it was... but we are looking forward to the next big milestone which will be his 100th birthday!  Sixty friends and family members attended the celebration, and a Piper graced us all with the wail of the bagpipes.  How fitting that was, as dad began his life journey in 1921!

We have had some renovations done on our little home.  A leak which was supposed to have been repaired as a condition of sale wasn't...and we were concerned about further damage.  First we repaired piers under the cottage...many of which had toppled over or collapsed.  Once that was done, we had our roof line adjusted, as the pitch had caused the water to pool on the old roof.  A brand new royal blue metal roof has been installed, and the screen room we once had has become a four season room where I can paint, and sew, and where we will have a spare bed for company.  It amazes me what escapes the eye of the building inspector, but what amazes me more is how people can be dishonest in not disclosing deficiencies in a property.  Oh well...  Now we have a home that is truly ours, and one which will be stronger and safer.

This week we traveled to our daughter's home which is east of Sudbury.  She and her husband have done a lot of work on their home which was only purchased in the early spring.  A huge piece of land has been cleared for a garden, blueberry bushes and raspberry canes have been transplanted, and bunnies and chickens have been added to the menagerie.  This young couple is well on their way to a self-sufficient lifestyle.  In January their family will be growing, and one more little farmer will join their household!

My garden did poorly this year in spite of my best efforts to keep it watered.  The weeds took over and I was only able to harvest a few tomatoes, green peppers and strawberries.  This was not unexpected as the garden was in poor shape, and roto-tilling only spread the weeds.  Next year we will have a few raised garden beds, and the soil will be healthier.  I am hoping that the wild blueberry bushes that we transplanted from my daughter's property will survive and thrive.

Hopefully, I will be able to post more often now that our summer is nearing an end.  I have read your blogs, and have enjoyed your posts.  Thank you for inspiring me in all that you do!


  1. Welcome back! It doesn't sound like you have been lounging around, but instead it seems you have accomplished a great deal. This blogging thing is supposed to be fun, doing it when we feel like we have something to say. Glad to hear your little home is being improved upon.

  2. Our home purchase went much the same way. We found out our inspector was apparently very gullible and had an apparent eyesight issue. Like you, we had to fix a lot of things we shouldn't have had to, but we know they are done right now. I want to see your new roof! :)