My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Work continues on our little homestead...  A new roof including a four season room is almost complete.  I can imagine many days spent at my sewing machine, surrounded by light and nature, this fall and winter!  I am so content! 

We removed the window in our living room, opening it to light and breeze.  What a wonderful difference it makes!  Our roof is now leak-proof...and pretty!

Have we finished down-sizing?  Not yet...however...we have made progress.  We know that what has accumulated over a lifetime, takes time to sort and dispose of.   Soon! 

What I love about living small is that everything that we need is visible, or it does not exist.  This is our goal.  Soon!


  1. How wonderful! To have the light coming in, and a leak proof roof, and it is pretty, you are right about that. You are an inspiration!