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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I can! You can!!

Today I spent the day in my kitchen.  Because of its size (small!) I encountered one or two challenges- lessons learned for next time around...but all in all, it was a fun and productive day!  I have 12 jars of peaches and 8 jars of Concord Grape jelly to show for my labours.

Some might question why I bother...  After all, I could buy that product (that took me most of the day to produce) at the local grocery store.  I have bought at the grocery store, but I have difficulty accepting that produce that is grown in Canada is being packaged in China.    How nourishing can that product be after its long trip to and from that country?  I love the satisfaction that I get when I prepare my own food.  I love knowing what is in the food that I have prepared.  I love having the taste of summer in my home, in the dead of winter.  I love that I am reusing my jars and that I am not sending recycling to the curb.  I love how pretty the jars look on my shelf...  Wouldn't you agree?


  1. I agree!!!

    I just spent two hours slicing strawberries and pears for the dehydrator. My kids'll be able to say they're eating local strawberries in February. (Not that they would, 'cause they don't care, but you know what I mean. ;-))

    Well done Wendy.

  2. That is totally Cool! And what a fun way to spend your time in the kitchen. I'd do it too if I could stand to make my kitchen even a little bit hotter. But I can't. Plus I'm pretty much at a loss in the kitchen!