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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pellets (continued)

We came across another supplier.  While his pellets are more expensive, they are closer than the "fellowwhodoesgiveadamn", and the bonus is that they are coming a shorter distance.  These pellets are manufactured in Palmerston, rather than in the States.  We can save by ordering a skid, and this we will do next winter.

I have been able to turn off the stove during the day and run it in the late evening and overnight.  One bag now lasts two days at $7.49 a bag plus the small amount of electricity it takes to operate the stove.

I am off work for the week...  I have many sewing projects to finish up and hope to begin the process of organizing the MASSIVE garage sale we will be having this summer.

The Canada Geese have returned to our waterfront.  We are also seeing a multitude of returning birds.

Hubby and I had our first bonfire last night.  We are loving our little cottage more with each passing day.

Look around...  What signs of spring are in your backyard?

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  1. We had ducks and crows outside this morning pulling up worms, a sign of spring I guess. And here and there are early flowers and blooms coming up, but it really needs to stop raining for me to appreciate it!