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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Lesson for the Wise

We bought our first pellet stove in the fall of last year.  It has been the best purchase that we have ever made.  Throughout the winter we were cozy-warm.  It requires some maintenance, but this did not pose a problem.

We bought our pellets at the local building supply store.  Our transportation costs were minimal.

When I went to buy pellets this week, I was shocked to hear that they had not ordered any more as they did not want to store them over the summer.   Thank you folks!  This is our principal source of heat...and after all, it is mid March and we live in Cananda!!

How about a warning?  There was none.  How about an apology?  None.

So folks...  If you live in Canada, and our lucky enough to own a pellet stove, be fore-warned.  Buy sufficient pellets at the beginning of March to carry you through until heat is no longer needed in your home.  Know your supplier.  If his attitude is "I don't give a damn", shop elsewhere.  We will.  We have found a place that is 1/2 hour north of us....worth the drive to support someone who does give a damn.


  1. Ouch! At least you were able to find another supplier. I remember when we moved here in April and I went looking for a space heater in Bellingham and there was not one to be found! It didn't matter than the weather was cold and I needed one, it wasn't the season to sell them. I had to wait until that fall to buy one. What a crock!

  2. I know as my friend had the same problem last week and we still have 5 feet of snow here, with snow flurries again today. Although they did tell her they expect more in the first of the week. Like you she is going to store some. Glad you were able to find some as its still cold or at least it is here in Alberta.....:-)Hugs

  3. I am sounding more like my dad every day.

  4. How AWFUL!! If it is a chain type business, go over their head and write a letter of complaint!!

  5. It sounds like customer service is becoming a thing of the past in Canada as it has been in the USA for many years :-(

  6. Glad you were able to find some elsewhere, Wendy. We've had the furnace off and the windows open during the day this weekend but definitely still need some heat at night.