My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Instead of making New Year's resolutions this year, I have chosen one word as a point of focus.  Hopefully the word "cleanse" will remind me of the chore ahead...and help to keep me on track.

We moved into this tiny home last summer, but have not entirely dealt with our "things."  Some are still at the old house, many have been given away, and there is much more that will be sold in a yard sale this summer.  How on earth did I ever acquire so much???  Why did I acquire so much, and why did I keep what I did acquire?

Perhaps that I felt that I could keep loved ones close by touching what was once theirs.  Perhaps I felt that I could keep my children little by keeping their toys.  Now those once loved items have become burdens.

I want my only focus to be working on my garden...or painting my next picture.  I don't want to bother with STUFF anymore.  I want to cleanse my home...declutter and simplify.

Wayne Dyer speaks of the "autumn of our lives" and how what was once important in our youth...(the spring of our life)...would no longer pertain as we enter into "Autumn."  He speaks about opening ourselves to our Source and allowing ourselves to be directed...submitting to the will of All Wise, All Knowing, and All Loving source that has many names.  How true it is that those things that were once so important in our youth, lose their value and importance as we age.

Maybe the word I have chosen should be part of a longer phrase.... "Focus and Cleanse and Allow." 

I  hope that 2011 will be as exciting for you as it seems to promise it will be...for me. 


  1. Well said. I like the word cleanse better than purge or downsize. This word speaks to me, gets to the heart of the matter and touches the soul. It's all encompassing...something like that anyway. :-) Thanks!

  2. The word for us here for 2011 is transition. It does involve your word "cleanse" as we, too, seek to have less encumberances. Things that represent what we once might have planned to do can now be passed on to someone at an earlier stage in their journey.

  3. Thank you both for commenting. I understand a "touching of the soul" and that the word is "all encompassing" because what I did not speak of is that word will also be brought to mind as I deal with relationships that are no longer working...those that cause me more pain than joy. Hubby and I are fine but there are those close that have really disappointed me. I will wish them well and bless them as I let them continue on their journey.

    Twotramps! Welcome! You have made my cleanse a little easier and more meaningful by suggesting that others who are at an earlier stage in their journey might benefit from what I no longer need! Thank you both!

  4. I like the word, and your description of how you will put it into practice is inspiring. When we moved here almost three years ago, we cleansed and only a few things we discarded had to be purchased again. I tend to accumulate but hubby is a natural "cleanser" so if I allow him to do his thing, I only need to worry about my own drawers of stuff. :-)