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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to The drawing Board!

Last evening, I decided to try and make a herbal balm.  I chose a recipe for Chocolate Lip balm, and everything went smoothly...or so I thought.  The mixture filled 6 tubes and seemed to solidify nicely HOWEVER, tucked in my pocket at work, it softened, and leaked.  It could not resist the heat from my body (few can) and it was reduced to its original form.  All is not lost.  I have a day off soon and I will add beeswax to the mixture and hope that this will help it remain solid.  It did taste yummy and I will share the recipe when I nail it down.

Since I was in such a creative mood (and did not know the first endeavor was a failure) I decided to try to make toothpaste.  Hydrogen Peroxide, salt, baking soda and vanilla was mixed and bottled.  It did not taste as good as the sweet chemicals that I am used to, however, I will persevere until I find a recipe that both hubby and I like.  It was disconcerting when the top of the container blew off in the night, but that is beside the point.  I am trying to find a solution that is cleaner, healthier and less expensive.

Have you any recipes to share?  Dad mentioned that he used to brush his teeth with charcoal when he was little.  I think I will leave THAT one for when I run out of options!  Thanks, anyway, dad!

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  1. Be sure and post your recipe when you can...Chocolate Lip Balm...yum! lol

    On the toothpaste could you maybe use peppermint extract instead of the vanilla? That might help the taste.