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Friday, August 20, 2010

We are now going to interrupt this series for a 30 second news break....

I was awoken last night by an odour most foul. cannot imagine in your wildest dreams, an odour such as this.

At first I thought it was the egg salad sandwich that I had given Hubby that evening....but when I could not waken him, well...I thought the worst.  A sharp blow to the ribs did it.  He woke and I was relieved that the odour was not coming from any thing in our room.

We met our dog in the hallway,  She gave us a look as if to say, "Not me!  I had nothing to do with this one!"

Hubby bravely went outside to check out the septic tank...and could find nothing we both covered our heads and slept fitfully until morning when we could check things out in the daylight..

The smell had disappeared.  The area above the weeping tiles appears lush and green indicating that all is working well.  WHAT could have caused this???

Well...  I know that some of you folks have septic tanks.  We are green country dwellers.  (After last night, we are greener.) Any ideas about what might have happened, are greatly appreciated.

The nearest thing that I can come up with is that Hubby forgot to put the "Septic Tank Saviour " in the toilet for the past two months and as the vent is relatively close to our bedroom window, the system hiccuped....or belched...having the effect it did.

Please feel free to give us your suggestions. ...


  1. Hmmm. No idea, not being a country dweller. But I look forward to coming back here sometime and finding out that a commenter was able to tell you!

  2. Hi Wendy. I've noticed a smell every seldom-so-often outside. Not sure what causes it; I just figured the temperatures/wind (or lack of) and whatever worked together in just such a way to remind us we're in the country. Never had a problem, though. (touch wood) When was the last time your tank was emptied?