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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Many Men Does it Take to Raise a Monarch?

In this home it takes two!  They manage well, in nature...unassisted....but here, Papa and I do their grocery shopping for them.

Last night we had once less crawly to contend with, as the largest caterpillar had made its cocoon.  The next largest was undergoing changes this morning.

It is difficult to show the brilliance of their mastery in this light. Their cocoon is a "sherbert green" colour and there is a gold band that encircles the top of the cocoon.


And while they are sleeping, their brothers and sisters and doing what they do best...eating and pooping.

We will attempt a better picture later, but this is the best we could do under the present circumstance. We have to handle them with great care until they are all cocooned and we can move them  to more appropriate living quarters.

Both Papa and I have enjoyed taking part in this adventure but we will also be happy to return them to their home.  Butterflies do not belong in jars, and I know that over the next few weeks...while they are sleeping...that they will dream of their freedom and the long journey to Mexico


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of the cocoon. Very interesting.

  2. This series is so neat to follow..thanks for posting the progress for us!

  3. This is great!!! I am really enjoying it.