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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We're Here!

We have arrived...beaten and bruised from the move...but safe and sound.  I know one thing for a certainty....I NEVER...EVER...want to do this again.

I am taking the day off to recoup before I go back to work.  The painters are busy at the old house, and I am here... nursing some sore muscles and bad nerves.

I love this small home where I will never be tempted to bring in anything more than I need.  It has a healing quality about it. The birds!  The wildlife!  The quiet!  The stars!!!  O my!  

There is still stuff that needs to be done before we list our old home, and the pressure is on to list before the end of July.  I worried about how that could be accomplished, but have found a company that provides a portable storage unit that will be packed there and moved here, to sort over the coming month.  There is an end in sight.

I am happy.  Life is good.  



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  1. Yayy! The hardest part is behind you... right?

  2. Glad you are safely in your new place. Hope you soon recover and can start to enjoy it. It sounds wonderful there. Wishing you much happiness in your new home.
    Lindsay & Jessica

  3. It looks really nice there. Something about water, eh. Enjoy.

  4. Hurray for a successful move! The portable moving/storage container is a great idea that should take some pressure off. You sound pretty beat-up and in need of a break. You did great! Now rest. :-D