My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Has Anyone Got a Match?

Yup...It is overwhelming!  As we pack to prepare to move, I realize how much less I need...and wonder aloud, "What was I thinking???"

This house is full from floor to rafters, and it doesn't matter whose stuff it is...It needs to go...FAST!  We need to clean, repair and clean out by the end of the month so that this house can go on the market.  The priority is to empty, and the time is short.  We may need to use a storage bin as a short term solution, but I am afraid of the "out of sight and out of mind" mentality that sometimes accompanies an arrangement such as this.

Is this our last move?  I think it is.  There is no need to move again as we have everything we need in our new little home.

I am not a glutton, or a hoarder.  It may seem so, but rest assured, there is accumulation from three separate households under this roof.

My blogging friend, Kim, from Stillmeadow Quilting, suggested that I visit "Clutterbusting with Brooks Palmer."  Thanks, Kim.  It has been helpful. to pack, sort and discard.  Have you ever been asked how to eat an Elephant???  The answer pertains..."One bite at a time."


  1. Hope all goes well with you house move and I hope you get settled in your new home :-)

  2. I will be moving back to NB in two years and after reading your blog I think I should start purging now, I have so much and I don't need half of it......good luck, .....:-)Hugs

  3. Good luck Wendy. I dread the day when we have to go through all that we have.

  4. It was hard two years ago when we got ready to leave Boulder, and some things have had to be re-purchased, but it was all really good. I hope the same holds true for you and this move.

  5. Bernie... Great idea! Start now.

    Liz... Start now. LOL!

    DJan....I am looking at this as a cleansing. The more I get rid of, the lighter I will feel!

    Thanks for your comments! Now who is coming over to help? Liz... You are the closest..hint hint!

  6. I so agree! I like to take this sort of thing in tiny bites! It's never too early to start in this journey to downsize. Heck, it takes time to deal with an entire household worth of stuff, so get busy, lol, times a-wasting! I dealt with the quilting room - hit it head on (after months and months of procrastination, sigh) and I never wavered. I have an empty room with a quilt frame sitting in the middle of it. Time for that to go. Anyone want to buy a machine quiting frame? Hmm? Sheesh! Why do I own that?!

  7. Good for you, Kim! I hope that you aren't giving up quilting, though!