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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well... I am back ....shaky... but back. It has been a long week and a big struggle. I have had a first hand encounter with Pneumonia which was more than like caused by the H1N1 virus. Man... I can understand why they would call this a Pandemic. My advice to you. Do NOT wait to see your doctor if you develop symptoms of this flu. If they see you within 48 hours, you can be treated with Tamiflu. After that, they treat the resulting illness which in my case, was Pneumonia. with antibiotics.

I did have an Epiphany, however. While I was ill, I imagined what it would be like to live with an illness that I had brought on myself by stupid living. I hate being sick. I would not be a good patient. So I am going to start, today, treating my body with the care and respect it deserves. Before I eat anything, I am going to ask myself..."Is this going to nourish my body?" I am going to nurse this frame for as long as I have left. Life is too priceless to treat with indifference.

Our earthly home needs to be treated with the same reverence. We need to care for her as if she were a beloved child or partner. What are you pouring down your drain today? Have you invested in biodegradable products? Do you use vinegar and baking soda as a cleanser? Do you monitor the amount of plastic that comes into your home? Do you carry a reusable mug?
Every small action helps...

For those who are tired of the environmental doom and gloom that seems rampant, take a little break from it and pick up David Suzuki's "Good News for a Change: Hope for a Troubled Planet", Visit here to see the interview

Thanks to every one for the kind thoughts when I was ill.


  1. Oh Wendy! I am so glad I just got (a few weeks ago) the seasonal flu shot, which they do say gives some protection against H1N1. And I've already had my pneumonia vaccine, because they say it's the reason so many people die from it. And I applaud your new-found desire to take good care of that one-and-only temple you've got. I also ask myself that question of whether or not it's nourishing. But I also must say that once in a while a piece or two of really dark chocolate is essential to my well being. So glad you're better! Big virtual hug to you.

  2. Thanks Djan!

    t is sure nice to be back.... and thank you for the hug!!!!

    PS- They say that dark chocolate IS good for you!

  3. Welcome back and so glad you are feeling better and your resolve to treat yourself better is amazing......:-) hugs

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better. This is one illness I'm glad I haven't had. I haven't known anyone close to me that has had it yet, but there are many cases in this area.

  5. Chocolate is good for me? How much? How often? I'm sorry for you that you've been so poorly. For sure, looking after oneself and our immune systems is paramount. Now about this chocolate...

  6. liZZie...You oughta know that chocolate is a vegetable and that you can eat unlimited quantities of it!

  7. I noticed the Jane Goodall books on your shelf over there on the right. I've never read any, but after seeing several interviews with her I noticed she has a strong resemblance personality wise to my favorite aunt. I watch for her whenever I know she's making an appearance.

  8. Hi Ratty

    "Harvest for Hope" is a must read!

  9. Hullo there x x x I just read your comment on my blog so scrolled back on yours to see how long ago you had the awful pneumonia,mine also came after shocking flu of the swine variety I would think. I took tamiflu a week after the flu & ended up violently sick,nearly broke me in half argg! am now on 1000mg of antibs every day & feeling a smidge better.
    Hope you are well on the way now & dear love to your beautiful friend Annie x I hope she makes a full recovery
    x x x x
    GTM x