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Monday, November 9, 2009

Introducing... Dan and Tinah

The next on my list to introduce is Dan, my eldest son, and his wife, Tinah.  Dan has just turned 33.  (Is that dating me?  Do the arithmetic...  I was Mandy's age when Dan came along)

Dan is a Red Seal Chef.  I am immeasurably proud of him!  He is presently working in a Retirement Home but has had lots of experience in other facilities, including in a hotel in downtown Toronto.  Not only is he a "chef extraordinaire", but he is a terrific daddy to two sweet little girls and a great big brother to Mandy and Bryan.

His passions are Hallowe'en and fishing, and his little girl is following suit.

I have often referred to Dan as "my rock."   He has been a source of strength for me many times.  He has also been there for his siblings when they have needed someone to lean on.

Tinah is working in a Large hotel in the downtown core.  She is multi-talented, and bilingual, and has worked in many areas in this Hotel involving reservations etc.  She is a wonderful mommy to Alexia and Delia, and I am sure that those two children will never want for fun and adventure with a mom like Tinah.

Dan and Tinah have been married for over four years now.  Their lives are busy, and yet they still manage the time to make family a priority.

Did I say I was proud?



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  1. Dan sounds like a wonderful human being, you have raised a lovely family, isn't it wonderful to know your grandchildren have such terrific parents........:-) Hugs

  2. Okay, Wendy, I went down to the bottom of your page and re-read your profile, so that I could make sure I remember who you are. I think for awhile I thought you were Whitney (I blame it on my age) and pregnant. But I see you have five beautiful children. The story of my children is here. Don't read it unless you are ready for a good cry.

    I also have a sister who lives in Alberta. She married a Canadian so her three kids all speak with "eh" in their vocabulary. :-)

    Lucky you to have such a beautiful family. I see why you are proud of your rock and his partner.

  3. O Djan... Thank goodness I am not pregnant I looked after my grandson this weekend and I am exhausted! There are reasons why women who are my age do not have babies I have read the story of your children and cannot bear to go back. Such a very sad story. I am sorry....

    Hi Bernie! Yes... it is a great relief knowing that they are in the hands of such capable folks. They all treat me pretty well, too!

  4. DJan... Thank you for sending the link . I went back and read the story of your sons. It has reminded me how lucky I am.

    You are a very courageous lady. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello Wendy - I just called in to say Hi! I will be back, and I look forward to learning more about how you're getting on with stained glass. There's plenty to interest me too in your blog. X