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Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Done!

My passion is creating. I sew, quilt, crochet, knit, and paint. My problem is, that after I have mastered a skill, I am ready to move on to another, and I have many unfinished projects in my home. I feel a strong sense of guilt when I come across a bag containing a pair of socks. or a pair of mittens...unfinished. I have lost count of the number of hooking projects I have started. (I forgot to add rug hooking to my list of endeavours.) I have several quilt tops in various stages of completion. Although these projects are neatly stashed, the knowledge of the state in which they reside clutters my mind and causes an anxiety of sorts. So, this year, I have stopped buying and committed to finishing.

When we visited my sister-in-law, Jan and her husband Keith, and daughter Meredith, in Sault St Marie in June, I purchased more fabric after visiting my favourite store..."Joanne's. " I also purchased a pattern book and started, yet another, project. Thankfully, I have learned to start a seasoned theme project well enough in advance that I have the ability to finish it before the occasion THAT year. I finished this little gem last night.

MY next little project will be to finish the quilt that I started for Dustin two years ago. I stitched the binding on by machine last weekend and all that remains to do is to hand stitch the binding on the back of the quilt, and date and sign it. Alexia is next in line for a quilt. and then Halen and Delia.

If I never left the house for the next year, I could not possible complain of boredom. The sense of accomplishment I feel after I have finished a project gives me such a lift and inspires me to do I will post pictures of finished projects throughout the coming months.

What unfinished project do you have stashed away?


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  1. I LOVE your fall wall hanging it is gorgeous.

    Oh and Joanne's is my favorite store too. In Florida we had a Joanne's ETC. and I spent a LOT of time there. When we moved here I was devistated to find out there wasn't one anywhere close. Three months ago though a large Joanne's ETC just like the one in FL opened about 30 minutes from us. I was in heaven my first trip there.

  2. LA... I can understand the appeal. I envision myself rolling on the floor covered by hundreds of fat quarters. It is an indulgent day dream. I am drooling now at the thought.

  3. beautiful mom!! I want one...and my palm tree painting...oh and all I want for christmas is a tree skirt...hehe thanks!! xoxo

  4. LOL! Mandy! I'll get right on that!

  5. Wendy, thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left on my blog. It means so much to me. And I have several unfinished books, but I stopped doing craft projects years ago for the same reason: I ended up with lots of guilt and a lots of unfinished projects. Now I spend my time blogging, which is finished each time. And reading others, like yours...

  6. Wow! Thanks DJan. It is always great when you drop in for a visit! I feel like I have been hugged!

  7. Ahhh! You have been to the U.P.!!! My home.
    Actually, I live about 4 hours west, but still, I am glad you have been to the Soo.
    They have closed all of our Joanne Fabric stores up here, and I miss them.
    I too, have trunks of knitting needles, crocheting supplies, etc. I have pretty much given up crafting and sewing now....but still can't get rid of the supplies!

  8. Hi there TRO! Hold onto your supplies... You might get snowed in soon!

  9. Right now, I'm being fairly well-behaved with respect to starting and not finishing a bunch of things. I have one counted cross-stitch 5x7 picture that I gently put into a plastic ziplock baggie and it will stay there until I quit being angry at the instructions for how to embroider one simple little word -BELIEVE -in a little circle at the top of said picture. I have a set of six Mary Engelbret counted cross-stitch ornaments sort of on hold -have two of the six semi-completed. No sewing projects started and left undone at the moment -a rarity and no knitting or crocheted things hanging around either. But I do have two baby quilts unfinished. One is a pre-quilted item -"Ten Little Indians" I believe is the name of it and it's almost completed -was begun about 4 years ago. But the record for being left undone here is still the quilt I began in March of 2003 -in anticipation of the birth of my second grandchild. I did get all the embroidery work done, got the batting and backing all put together and even managed to do the quilting too -via my sewing machine (so, by my Grandma's standards, I cheated i guess) but I have yet to tackle the binding which would finish this project. I've never done binding of any type and frankly, I'm terrified I will totally muck it up! My granddaughter, for whom I made this quilt, will be six years old on the 18th of October so it's a little late and more than a little small for her now too. Maybe I can get it finished in time to present it to oh, let's say my first great-grandchild? That should give me quite a few years of leeway!
    Thanks for stopping by my place -hope you'll be back too. Especially since I see you and I share a love for Joanne's stores! (I'm also a huge fan of Herrschnerr's online crafts store too! Should buy stock in either of those two places maybe!)

  10. Thanks for dropping by Jeni! It is nice to know that there are others who have more than one unfinished project on the go, and I am certain, judging by the quality of your work, that whoever gets that quilt will love it!