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Friday, September 18, 2009

Dedicated to Mom

Today I would like to dedicate this post to my mom who passed away seven years ago.

They say that time is a great healer. I am not sure. I don't miss her any less but I guess I have got used to not having her around...although...I believe that there are times that she is very close and has assumed a role of our guardian angel.

Mom was a wonderfully talented lady. She was a great cook, a marvellous dancer, and had a wicked sense of humour. She was artistic and could knit, crochet and hook rugs, but rug hooking became her passion. She loved times spent at Trent University where she honed her skills and kept her friends in stitches.

Diabetes altered the course of her life but I cannot EVER remember her complaining about her twice daily needles, nor did she ask her family to deny ourselves those things that she could not eat. She was an example of strength and courage.

Several years ago the Art Gallery of Ontario called for entries of 4x6 portraits to be included in their display entitled "In Your Face." All entries would be archived and kept as property of the AGO after being displayed for several weeks. I jumped at the chance to do a portrait of my mom as I wanted her image to live on. I wanted her presence here to be remembered and recorded and noticed. I struggled with what medium I should use and the answer became simple. I would use the medium she most loved....wool strips hooked into burlap....rughooking.

So more time... Thank you for the inspiration and the example. I love you.
Lorna Lorraine Allison

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  1. WOW...that is amazing. I'm sure she would be very proud.
    Ilost my father almost 20 years ago and still feel the void of him being gone.
    Have a peaceful day!!

  2. Thanks LA. I can see that you understand the sentiment.

  3. Yes Wendy, having lost my Dad I do know how it feels. It is a void that will never go away and I try to remind myself of that. As time passes and new things happen I am always telling myself Dad didn't see this or is a hard road, but when you know in your heart that they are in a better place and maybe can look down I feel a little better.
    U was just amazed at how you took a photo and did hook art...very creative and very fitting.

  4. what a beautiful post you must miss your Mum very much.... I have learnt over the past years having nearly lost both my parents that they are just so precious never to be replaced.... your tribute to your Mum is simply stunning....

    Lyn xxx

  5. So beautiful Wendy! Your mom is smiling down on you with love I'm sure.

  6. Thanks Lyn and Amber.

    I believe that those who have passed are closer than we can ever imagine and I believe that one day, when we are reunited, she will tell me that she was right by my side all along. And when I tell her about her grandchildren and great grandchildren, she will say, "I know...I was there"

  7. I love the hooking you did of Nana, YOU are the most amazing, talented woman in the world...I wish some of your talents were passed on to can never leave me mom, I would be lost...and I don't have any talents to make something amazing like that for you!