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Friday, June 15, 2012

Coming soon....

There are changes afoot.  Unfortunately "Overhaul" must be closed.   Some of you have reported a "Malware" warning on this blog.  Hubs investigated and found that the problems may have originated from "My Zero Waste." 

I know that this blog is clean.  My husband works in the computer industry so he would know, however, we can not get rid of the warning message.

So for now, I think I will take my leave, and hopefully will return in the fall in the form of a new blog.

I will continue to visit your blogs throughout the summer, however.  Thank you for your friendship.


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  1. Wendy, sorry to see you go. I know it's sometimes necessary (as my absence when my dad died). I look forward to hearing your announcement of a new blog in the fall. It's been wonderful getting to know you.