My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Excites You?

Every time that I think that it is time to post here, I wonder what I can write about...what exciting thing has happened since I last wrote.  I have come to the conclusion that there is little...precious little...that I would consider exciting.  As I journey to my friend's blogs, I become a little envious.  One blogger parachutes and climbs mountains.  Another cycles everywhere. Some write about their journies in homeschooling.  Many write about their adventures in farming.

I feel as if I am stuck in a rut.  I work.  I craft.  I used to paint.  Once every two years, we travel.  That is it.  Is it that I have lost my ability to imagine something more?

Perhaps it is the day.  Dark clouds are overhead.  Snow looms on the horizon.  The next several months will be spent, for the most part, indoors.  I have much to do inside, but is the inevitable drive in the snow that concerns me.  I worry about my family who have no choice but to drive in it.

Let me ask you?  What excites you?


  1. I am the parachutist. I have as much enjoyment from sitting in the living room wrapped in a blanket and watching a beloved TV show with my honey as I do jumping out of an airplane. Maybe more these days. Let those dark clouds be a prelude to a journey inward. It's nice in here... :-)

  2. Good question Wendy. Bloggers have to sit down once in a while and evaluate where they are going.
    I think you're a little hard on yourself.. like beating yourself up!
    I think you'd be surprised at what your readers would be interested in.
    It's also about good writing and your able use of visuals.
    I look forward to your next post.

  3. Hello there, Wendy!
    So, perhaps you are feeling a little bit bored right now and can't help but compare your life (or what you post on your blog) to those of friends who seem to lead far more interesting lives (at this point in time). I wonder if you are simply experiencing a bit of let down from the crazy busy months of all that has gone on in your life during the past two years while buying a waterfront home in addition to selling your house created a situation, a way of life that could be compared to parachuting out of a plane and then climbing a very tall mountain! Seems that being settled into a declutterd and simple, comfortable home, time for painting, time for family and friends is what you yearned for. At this point in time I feel like I am on an extended drop from a plane, lol and I will be happy to land, to find normalcy, inspiration for quilting, time for family and friends and most of all simple and calm everyday living - and the ability to post a half-way coherent update on my own blog. But that's just me and it's temporary. You have accomplished a way of life that is enviable to some and my wish for you is for you can relax and enjoy this now. You've worked so very hard after-all. You inspired me to work to change my lifestyle - you pretty much jumped out of a plane to get where you are...ya know? Have no doubt that what you write here means something to those of us who follow along. :-) Having said all of that, I hope to encourage you to do something to get your heart moving again. It may be that you are ready to head in a new direction, ready to try something new, travel to a new place, do a little something to add some spice to your life. :)