My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Monday, November 22, 2010

If You Could See What I See.

Last night I arrived home to a little Gingerbread Cottage.  DH had strung lights, and man, did it look pretty...even without the snow!

It has been a tough few months since moving here.  At times I have allowed disappointments to overshadow the joy I feel at living here.  Our other home has been on the market for months, and had not shown until the Open House on Saturday, and even at that...only one couple came through.  Every plan we have had for THIS home, has been put on hold.

I am sure that there is a lesson in this...  There always is...and when I open my heart to the lesson, I feel that I have more control over the whole situation.

My husband describes himself as "overly optimistic" and me as "overly pessimistic."  (Don't worry...he won't do that again!")  I prefer to say that I am more in touch with reality.  The house will not sell this year, and so, we must come up with innovative ways to manage both two homes.  We are working on that.

This house is all we need, just as it is.  Additions can wait.  What sold me on it months ago, still gives me great joy.  I love to look across to my neighbour's home and see the sheep. Llama, and horses grazing.  I love the flurry of birds at my feeder.  How quiet this neighborhood is!  And... when our  water returns next spring, we will welcome back frogs and dragonflies, and insects of all description.

Life is very busy, and will be for a while, but patience and gratitude are two of the lessons..and rewards...of this journey.


  1. I always enjoy hearing about where you live. It sounds so tranquil. I always dreamed of living in the country with horses or donkeys in a field nearby. Maybe one day. Hope your old house sells soon.

  2. Sounds like you're staying positive! It'll all work out.

  3. The lights sound so pretty, all will work out, it always does......:-)Hugs

  4. Trying to sell a house in this market is really tough, but it sounds like you have your expectations in hand. I am a Pollyanna, tend to be overly optimistic about things, mostly. So I would probably drive you crazy, Wendy!

  5. Good for you for looking at the positive. Enjoy what you have there. It will all work out.

  6. Oh, the dreaded dead market has hit your area too? There is no way we will move on until our house sells as we aren't willing to take the risks involved. Is the worst case scenario that you rent out the house? I know how concerns niggle away at your brain so I won't tell you to try not to think about this too much, but I will agree that you did the right thing in snapping up the house where you want to stay a good long while. So, hang tight as they say and enjoy all the wonderfulness of your new surroundings as much as possible. Sounds nice. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :-D BTW, we have snow, want some?! Ha.