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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The newest member of our family!

My Pellet Stove arrived today
As fall nipped nose and toes
We fired her up and brewed a cup...
claimed easy chairs with both feet up...
Content now if it snows!

She IS a gem.  Our little home was just so cozy last night!  Hubby found bags of Pellets for $4.99.  The bags were 40 lbs in weight.  We estimate that we will burn one bag every 2 to 3 days.  This is one more step in the direction of being more self-reliant.  

We will continue to pay for Hydro but our bills are so much smaller since switching to 2 watt bulbs and being mindful of turning off lights, and appliances, that are not used.

We are drawing our water  from a well.  We have a septic system.  Life IS getting better by the day!



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  1. Your new pellet stove is a beauty! We put one in our shop last year - we are building a wooden kayak and can not work on it in the winter without heat. You will enjoy how easy a pellet stove is compared to chopping firewood. I do still have to chop wood for my cookstove in the house.

  2. Lovely!!!
    Enjoy the coziness <3

    Katherine S.

  3. How fantastic! It's pretty, too. You are getting there, bit by bit, and I'm so happy to learn these tricks from my blogging buddies so I can use them too.

  4. Oh my gosh, adorable!

    (And I've come to redirect you to my new site, as my old blog/id is closed and not connected to my new site/moniker. But I think you'll know it's "me!" :o)

    Lots of Love,

  5. Wendy, Thank you so much for your sweetness over on the new site! I'm so excited to shake things up, like responding to comments over here! Hee. Lots of Love. :o)

  6. Wendy,
    I LOVE hearing about your SDA food educators! That is truly amazing. Wow. And it sounds like you have really done quite a wonderful job thinking this all through and testing things out. Keep listeing to you, for sure, and do what's best for you. Love, love, love your story!

  7. It is Gorgeous!!!!!
    I'm sure it makes you feel a little safer too being able to provide heat without depending on other things.
    I remember when you wrote your poem. :-)