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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I just had to share...

I have REALLY missed spending time on my blog, and reading yours, however...since my last post I have accomplished a little more than I usually do...

A road trip rewarded me with this sighting....

I cannot imagine anything more beautiful...

...however... a close-up of this fellow might have changed my mind... Cardinals are absolutely beautiful too!

In spite of spending a great deal of time studying, I used my leisure time to start another painting, finish a cross stitch. and resume working on the project below. Can you guess what it is?

Next Christmas will be a little different. I hope to make more gifts and I am starting NOW!

My sleeping garden is waking and I hear it calling to me. Soon, darling...soon!

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  1. Wow, Wendy! What gorgeous wildlife, and hmmm, what IS that knitted thing: I know, a knit covering for a knife and fork? No, I don't really know what it might be...

  2. Looks like something for new grandson?

  3. You are close, Chris.... It is for a grandson, but I guess you will have to wait to see what it is!!

  4. I wish I had your energy, Mom!! Is the last project there...alittle blue monkey for your newest grandson?! hehe xoxo

  5. You are too much Mandy! It is not for the newest one ...but I have plans for that little guy, too!

  6. You know ME and my relationship with DUCKS.
    I adore them.
    I photograph them at every opportunity.
    These were delightful. aren't knitting those for the ducks are you?

  7. LOL! Not for the ducks, no...but for a little duckling. It is a present for my Grandson...a monkey. the rate I am going, he will get it on his 16th birthday!!!

  8. Nice shots!!! And you aren't the only "northerner" anxious for a dig in the dirt! Dan is too!