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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour!

Hubby and I were in the car when Earth Hour began, but we came home to a dark house. The only visible light source was the computer monitor but Hubby turned that off...(I am SO proud of him!) The fish shared our evening of darkness too, as I turned off the lighting in the tank. Candles were lit, and then Hubby and I did something we seldom do any more... (No...not "THAT!")...we played a game of Yahtzee.

We seldom play games anymore. We are seldom off at the same time. I rediscovered a fun thing to

Earth Hour became an hour and a half long in our house. And...just in case you are wondering... I WON!

How did you spend Earth Hour this year?


  1. It was a quiet and cosy hour with lit candles and a book.......:-) Hugs

  2. Dang! I posted a comment and then forgot the captcha. I decided I'd go to bed and read by candlelight, but thought maybe I'd just close my eyes and see if... zzzzzzzz. :-)

  3. I was celebrating a friend's birthday at a wonderful organic farm. They have a restaurant on site and we were there for a cheese tasting with lots of delicious, local, organic cheese.

    At 8:30 the lights went out, the candles were lit, the fires inside stoked and a bonfire outside started.

    It was delightful!

  4. I LOVE Earth Hour! I think we will try to have an Earth Hour at least once a month!