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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoreau Part 2

“Simplify. Simplify.”
I am sure that Thoreau once sat here...
...dipped his feet here....
...and gazed upon these waters.
He visited his friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson here.
We journeyed to his final resting place where he still keeps company with his friends. They are buried in the spot they used to visit when they were alive.
Henry David Thoreau.
Louisa May Alcott. (“Little Women”)
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nathaniel Hawthorne.... All had small and unpretentious markers....their choice.

This is the spot where those great Philosophers, Naturalists and Transcendentalists communed.
 Did we find Henry David? I don’t believe we did...however..we came close. We saw where he had spent two years of his life. We walked on ground once walked upon by him. We dipped our feet in Walden Pond. We visited his remains.  

Where is he then?...You'll find him in  his writings and musings... in the stillness of any forest at dawn, and at dusk...and in the call of a bluebird.... He resides in the hearts of like minded souls who have the same live small "with only the bare essentials."

Our journey has come to an end, but I will always remember standing within the "walls" of his cabin, and gazing upon his Walden Pond.


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